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Tuft Stuff OG Line 100% Wool Yarn

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Tuft Stuff is SO happy to introduce it's OG (original) line of yarn. A super soft 100% New Zealand wool in 26 hand-picked colors! 

New Zealander sheep are among some of the happiest in the world and produce arguably the best wool for professional and hobbyist rug making. 

The natural fibers in this wool hold up best to regular foot traffic, generous spot cleaning, brushing and thousands of admiring hand-rubs. 

We suggest using two strands of this wool at a time with our primary backing. You'll not only get twice the fluff but you can guarantee the strands stay in place while tufting and you'll cover more space with each row of stitches.

We decided to sell our yarn by the pound, half-pound and quarter-pound because we know you won't always need double the color for a project even when using two strands is necessary.