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Hi Tufting Fam!

Our new Open Studio is finally here in a bit of a BETA scenario in that we will be testing the waters and opening the studio up to makers during our regular shop hours. Eventually we hope there will be a demand to open the studio 24/7 whenever there isn't a class so that we can get the systems in place that will allow us to do so!

Who is this for?

  • Maybe you make rugs to sell on Etsy?
  • Do you like to zen out and create with your hands?
  • Are you still curious about taking up tufting but not enough to buy your tools yet?
  • Do you love tufting but just don't have the space to create?

How does it work?

For a recurring monthly membership fee of $99, tufters who have attended one of our classes or sessions or have some experience of their own in rug tufting can use our space, our machines, frames and tools to create their own work. 

When is the Studio Open?

Tuft Stuff Studio will be open to tufters Wednesday-Sunday 12pm to 6pm.

What do I get for the $99?

  • Unlimited use of our studio space, tufting guns, frames and tools.
  • Storage space for your personal tools & supplies & projects
  • One square meter of fabric each month (or it's equivalent for larger projects)
  • 20% off yarn, fabric, adhesive, tools, accessories and more
  • 50% off custom frame orders (we have 13.5 foot ceilings!)

What if I sign up but I decide it isn't for me or I want to cancel or I just want to do one month?

Just like any monthly service you sign up for, you can cancel at anytime. We want you to enjoy yourself and be happy. That's what creating should do!

Other questions?

Reach out! info@tuft-stuff.com